Pamplin Media | July 2, 2020

Photographer Jacobsen Valentine was shooting some models behind the Portland Storage Building — a former John Deere factory nestled next to the Morrison Bridge. It was a cold day in May, 2020, and he asked the manager if they...Read more >



Get After It PDX | July 27, 2020

Hear community foodie Jacobsen Valentine talk about growing up in Hilo, Hawaii and what life and community was like there versus in Gresham, Oregon where he moved in his early teens, the homemade, DIY approach to food and...Read more >



Oregonian/ August 4, 2020

Jacobsen Valentine gets his day started by cooking — not for himself, but for hundreds of strangers.

Valentine, 32, is the founder and executive director of Feed the Mass, a nonprofit cooking education ....Read more >

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